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Why you need Geoshield Pro Nano Ceramic and Apex Super Ceramic Window Tint

Why you need Geoshield Pro Nano Ceramic and Apex Super Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic Tinting Conway South Carolina
Window Tinting Conway South Carolina

When it comes to getting window tint installed on your vehicle. Geoshield Pro Nano Ceramic and Apex Ceramic window tint provides outstanding protection from the harmful rays of the sun. The level of protection received from these films are the best you will find in today's market. With the technology in today’s window film technology you’re guaranteed up to 99% UV, and 96% IR (infrared Heat Rejection) with Geoshield’s Ceramic Window Film. Regular window tint is a thing of the past, with ceramic window tint there is more value in having it applied than having regular tint on your vehicle. 

Benefits of Geoshield Ceramic Window Tint

Technology gets better every day, so does the window film industry. Geoshield continues to be innovative with the latest and best technology to protect your skin and keep you cool. The days of getting regular window tint for just privacy is behind us. Having Geoshield Ceramic tint installed by one of your local Geoshield Dealers for the ultimate privacy, comfortability, and protection from the sun is exactly what you need. With Ceramic Tint you get more protection from the sun with over 99% UV Rejection, Up to 96%IR Rejection and this is the film that will keep the temperatures in your vehicle a lot cooler. Regular window tint only offers privacy and minor UV protection, with ceramic tint you can drive with more confidence knowing the interior of your vehicle is protected from fading, cracking, overheating and overexposure to the sun. Geoshield has outstanding lifetime warranty with their high quality window films that we guarantee will last a long time. It is essential to choose quality when you make investments because having more quality will save you in the long run.

Here at Shade Pro Window Tinting and Paint Protection Film we continue to exceed expectations and provide high quality services with outstanding customer service. Changing the window tint industry one day at a time with professionalism, attention to detail installations and high grade products. If you’re in the Conway, Myrtle Beach and surrounding area looking for an upgrade in customer service and window tint, we are your premier window tint shop for high grade ceramic window tint.

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