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Which is Better for Your Car: Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating?

Javon from shade pro window tinting and paint protection film applying Geoshield ceramic coated paint protection film
Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film Application

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is a very durable material that has plenty of finishes, from gloss, stealth/matte finish and now available in full color change finishes. Paint Protection Film is designed to be thicker and more durable than vinyl wrap. PPF is an actual film that is applied over your vehicles clear coat to make it harder for objects to penetrate through and damage your paint finish. All paint protection film is designed to last over 5 years despite what most manufacturers suggest, after 5 years it will start to become difficult to remove and you will start to see wear and tear on the film. Paint Protection is the single best layer of protection you can have applied on your vehicle to best protect your cars paint from potential damages. Paint Protection Film is not bullet proof and it is not something that will prevent your car from major damages of an accident but in some cases, paint protection will uphold the quality and finish of your factory paint.

What is a Ceramic Coating.

A Ceramic Coating is a second Layer of coating over your factory clear coat that has nano technology that makes your cars clear coat little harder, makes your car easier to clean, brings in a bit of UV Protection that will your factory paint looking glossy and help it to not fade. Unlike Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coatings do not protect your vehicle from rock chips and scratches but it makes it harder for your paint to receive swirl marks, it hardens the clear coat and gives it an amazing shine that last. Ceramic Coating is a coating and not a film. A coating is something you apply and buff into the vehicles paint and a Paint Protection Film is an actual film that is applied to provide defense.

How much does a ceramic coating cost?

The Cost of a Ceramic Coating varies by installer based on their overhead, cost of material and the quality of their work. In 2023 market a quality ceramic coating job should cost between 800-2500 for sedans, trucks and suv's. These prices may vary based on the condition of you paint and whether or not your vehicle needs paint correction or not.

How much should Paint Protection Film Cost?

Paint Protection Film is the best protection for your cars paint. Prices for paint protection varies based on an installers skill level, wrapped or exposed edges, ceramic coated top layer, install cost, labor, overhead and customer expectations. There is a lot more factors in PPF cost that will decide the cost. In the 2023 market paint protection film installs for front ends cost between 2500-3000 and for a full vehicle between 6000-9000 based on the level of protection and the type of film used. Paint Protection Film is one of those things you do not want to use the price as your main decider in going to a specific shop but the quality of their work, warranties offered and reputation.

Best Paint Protection Film Brand

A shop with a good reputation will not use inferior products they do not believe in. There are a lot of popular household name brands of paint protection film that perform just as good as the unknown names and that's because in some instance smaller companies with just as good products will not have the marketing behind them to be a household name. Paint Protection Film Brands should not be a factor in your decision but the company as a whole should help you decide on where to take your vehicle.

Shade Pro Window Tinting and Paint Protection Film

We strive to provide quality in every installs, we are highly trained with the latest tech to ensure that all our customers are receiving what we believe is the best product out there and that in our Geoshield Products. We find these products to be some of the highest quality products on the market that brings us amazing results with every installs. We are certified in paint protection film installs and our customers continue to show what we can do and how much quality you receive with our work.

Paint Protection Film Services
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